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[n.p.] : Brent Jones, c2017.
223 pages
9781543276848 tr. pbk
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Can we lose a loved one without losing ourselves?<br> <br> Twenty-eight-year-old Drew Thomson is haunted by a troubled past. After struggling for years with alcoholism and antisocial behavior, he ends a stable relationship with his girlfriend and finds himself without a home, job, or purpose.<br> <br> Just as he learns that his father is terminally ill, he meets a stranger who offers him a flicker of hope for a better future. But is he ready to bury the past?<br> <br> Rich with dark humor and a keen insight into the human condition, this debut fictional release from author Brent Jones delves into life's most pressing trials-destructive relationships, love, loss, and pursuing happiness.<br> <br> * * *<br> <br> Praise for The Fifteenth of June:<br> <br> " . . . authors like Mordecai Richler and Douglas Coupland . . . known for their dark but humourous literary masterpieces, clearly guided Jones' hand during the production of his debut novel, The Fifteenth of June." -Niagara This Week<br> <br> "I think some of the ugly truths about human nature in [The Fifteenth of June] were powerful. Fantastic debut from a talented author." -Michael McDonald, author of Walking Away from Depression<br> <br> "[The Fifteenth of June] is full of wit, and even though the story has some darkness to it, it has plenty of humor and lighthearted moments as well to balance it out." -Dana Gore, author of Choose Awareness<br> <br> "[The Fifteenth of June is] a process, for both the protagonist and the reader, of self-discovery and acceptance . . . and through this process, both reader and protagonist are shown glimpses of hope, of different possibilities, of the potential for change, and begin to understand that the way events and situations shape us depends on how we choose to deal with them . . . " -Daphne Kapsali, author of 100 Days of Solitude
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